We are PDNL;
a design studio dedicated to computational design in Amsterdam. Founded by an architect and a product designer, PDNL solves complex design challenges with parametric tools.

parametric product DESIGN

Industrial design for 3D printing, moulding, mass production and small-scale production.


parametric architecture

Create exciting spatial experiences and innovative architectural solutions by fully utilizing the advanced form finding toolset of computational design.


e-commerce customizer

Let your customers design with Shapediver's 3D product configurator. Create an addictive shopping experience.


parametric art

We help artists achieve limitless creative freedom with the help of parameterized 3D modelling.

Advanced 3D modelling

Parametric design is a process based on algorithmic thinking that enables the expression of parameters and rules that, together, define, encode and clarify the relationship between design intent and design response.


We want to enable designers, architects, craftsmen, artists and webdevelopers with the tools parametric design has to offer. Our goal is to unleash the incredible possibilities of computational design, while creating captivating products, spaces and experiences.